Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dinos in Pop Culture - Camp Makela T-Shirt

So I recently permanently retired one of my favorite t-shirts. It was from the Museum of the Rockies Paleontology Field Camp program to Camp Makela. My favorite thing about the t-shirt was the "I dig dinosaurs" on the back, which I never noticed for the longest time. I just assumed it was the same as the front.

I met quite a few good friends through the program when I did it in 96' and 97', many of whom I am still friends with today, and I am sad to see the shirt finally die. The program seems to now be defunct, but there is more paleontology field programs than ever for those amateurs (like myself at the time) to go out and learn the tools of the trade.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Geology Picture - Temperature-Elevation Correlation

Here are some older pictures I had taken. They are panoramas of the Oquirrh Mountains (pronounced Oaker) looking east. I had taken the pictures to illustrate changes in the temperature gradient as you moved up in the atmosphere. While it was raining down in the valley, you can pick out the freezing point in the atmosphere by just looking at where the snow started. Also you can see by this snow line, that the mountains are sloped to the left (the north). 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Random Geology Picture - Partial Lunar Eclipse

Going through some of my old photos, here are some shots of the partial lunar eclipse that occurred last year on April 15th (Thanks Katie for the date verification).