Monday, November 02, 2009

Geo Story Time

I just remembered a geology related story/memory that I figured I would tell:

About 7 years ago I was on a trip with my Sequence Stratigraphy class down to the joint regional GSA session in Kentucky. When the class got down there we saw a huge sign that said "BEER". It was a calling. So later that evening we had our professor drop us off at the store while he went away and did something else. So we shopped around, picked up lots of goodies for the coming days, and when we were all done we went out and sat on the curb waiting for our professor to get back and pick us up.

This is when another person pulled up to the store, looked at all the young 20something's sitting on the curb, with piles of beer, and said "Let me guess, geologists, right?"

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  1. Zipping down the highway at high speed, I got busted by the Nevada highway patrol. Guy strolls up to my pickup, glances at the samples in the back, flips back a few pages in his ticket book, and asks if I know a guy named "X". I say 'yeah', and he says "you geologists have lead feet"


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