Friday, May 21, 2010

GeoJeopardy! Question 3


Pliny the Elder, Roman geologist, died while observing this volcano erupting

You can either google the answer or find it out at my new GeoJeopardy! portion of my website.


  1. Some would argue that Vesuvius is the volcanic edifice that has grown since 79 A.D. and that the volcano the Pliny the Elder responded to and the eruption of which Pliny the Younger documented was actually Monte Somma. That is my best understanding of the nomenclature, though it's indisputable that most Americans today refer to the 79 A.D. eruption as having taken place on Mount Vesuvius.

  2. Interesting. I had never heard of Mount Somma before but upon looking it I believe you are correct. Although in several instances I saw it just revered to as Mount Vesuvius-Somma.


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