Friday, December 24, 2010

GeoJeopardy! Fridays

Time for GeoJeopardy! Fridays, because it's a holiday. At least for some of us.
- Rocks for Jocks -

Geologists dig up and study these organic remains, whose name is from the Latin for "dug up"


Slate is this type of rock, the result of alterations to existing rocks
A speleologist studies caves; this is another name for a caver who explores caves as a hobby


Until it's cooled, the object seen here was this substance


2-word term for the branch of geology that studies the phenomenon of continental drift


All the answers as well as any other previous GeoJeopardy! questions can be found over at my website by clicking the link.  Images used in the questions are not the ones originally presented in the clue but are my interpretation of what they might have been and still get across the intent of the clue. Images used are linked to their sources.

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