Friday, February 04, 2011

GeoJeopardy! Fridays

Time for GeoJeopardy! Fridays, because my daughter is having surgery and I need a distraction.

- Geology Test -

One estimate says there are about 326 million cubic miles of this compound in, on & above the Earth


 It runs from the Gulf of California to the Gorda Ridge off Oregon between the North American & Pacific plates


BMW engineers are working out the kinks to use this most abundant element in the universe as an auto fuel


Calcium bicarbonate from this, the most abundant soluble rock, is used by sea creatures in forming shells


Deposits inside these are called speleothems & include stalactites & stalagmites


All the answers as well as any other previous GeoJeopardy! questions can be found over at my website by clicking the link.  

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  1. Yes! A Geology themed jeopardy, and with some tougher than novice questions. Gotta tell my prof who's a jeopardy freak!

  2. Glad you enjoy it. I try to do one every Friday.


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