Thursday, March 10, 2011

News of the Day - Color 1906 Earthquake Photos

So I just heard about this this morning but I thought it was really cool, and the pictures are phenomenal. They are the only known color photographs of the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake showing all of the destruction that took place. What makes this interesting is that not only are the pictures in color and they look like could have been taken recently, but they were designed to be viewed in 3D!!!!! (Although the photographer never got the 3D visuals to work). Here are a couple of links to some of the news out there.

Color photos of 1906 San Francisco quake aftermath found

Color pics of San Francisco after '06 quake found

And here are the pictures everyone is talking about today.


  1. Interesting. These work in 3D as posted on your blog by just viewing them with my eyes the way I would any stereo pair.

  2. Yea, that is what I was thinking. It looks like a stereopair image. I'm guessing he just never got the little classes thing worked out.

    For myself, I never could look at those without the glasses and see them in 3D. I would be cool to find high res scans of those though to print out and show to students.


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