Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DINOSAURS! From Cultural to Pop Culture - Introduction


I have been fascinated lately with how dinosaurs have affected and been affected by their appearances in the daily lives of people from "Prehistoric Times" through the modern day. In regards to this I have developed a talk that I just gave at a UFOP meeting (and can give elsewhere if you want, just email me) but I am also dedicating a portion of my website to this as I build it up (DINOSAURS! From Cultural to Pop Culture)

The section of the website will illustrate the variety of things that were birthed from dinosaurs (culturally speaking) and how our perception of them has changed through time. This is a work in progress and will likely grow in size as I find more information and not necessarily in chronological order. I have divided this topic into four main time periods: "Prehistoric Times", "Medieval Times", "Modern Times-1800's", and "Modern Times-1900's". The plan is to add thing chronologically on the blog and then place them on the timeline over at the website so people can jump around or just scroll through time. This way if I find new information later I can place in the correct time slot without too much trouble and not being relegated to missing it because I already passed it on the blog. They are currently all blank right now until I get to that information.

This will be a "ride" through time (if you have seen the talk you will understand this) so posts are going to be by stops. The first time stop should be up in the next few days.

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