Friday, October 21, 2011

GeoJeopardy! Fridays #69

Time for GeoJeopardy! Fridays, because we have a current events question (sort of).

- Earthquake! -

The palace hotel in this U.S. city had to be rebuilt after it was gutted by fire following a 1906 earthquake


  The center of this Nicaraguan capital was almost completely destroyed in a 1972 earthquake


The standard scale is logarithmic, so an 8.0 has waves this many times larger than a 7.0


The August 23, 2011 5.8 quake near D.C. really shook up the scientists in Reston, Virginia at the USGS, short for this


Roman emperor Trajan was nearly killed in a 115 A.D. quake in Antioch, now Antakya in this country

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