Monday, December 12, 2011

Geology Pictures!!

I can hop on this bandwagon as well. With trying to get 2 grants and a poster completed before the end of the year I have been, and will be, fairly busy (almost too busy for blogging) so I am joining on the bandwagon of Evelyn's Geology Picture Meme, also joined on by MK at Research at a Snail's Pace, and Poikiloblastic.

My picture was taken a while ago while I was doing my Master's at Texas Tech. It is of a Maar Volcano taken somewhere in New Mexico (I don't remember exactly where). For those of you who don't know, a Maar Volcano is a low lying volcano typically formed by explosive eruptions when water comes into contact with magma. They are usually difficult to spot from far away because they don't form the "characteristic" volcano shape. But they do make a pretty hole in the ground. They are usually filled with water, but being the desert, that wasn't likely to happen here.


  1. Great photo! Thats probably Kilbourne hole or one of the other maar calderas around El Paso, TX. Technically they are in New Mexico, but barely. Lots of published work on these maars - the base surge deposits are great, and you can find mantle xenoliths lying around as well!

  2. Thanks Zane for the info. That could be the one. All I know is I was in NM during the trip and it was likely taken there.


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