Sunday, January 01, 2012

500th POST!!!! - A Recap


This is my 500th post overall and I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers and anyone who has shared my posts with others. It also seems fitting that this post comes at the first of the year. A time for recollection but also for looking forward. To what could be.

For this post I just wanted to make a little recap of what this blog was, what it has become, and where it might be going. I started this about 5.5 years ago as DinoJim's Vent, a mixed blog of my own personal posts as well as some geology posts. As I became ingrained more into the geoblogosphere I separated the blog into 2 individual blogs, DinoJim's Rant and The Remnant.... The title had changed one further time to emphasize the focus on education and general geology as opposed to dinosaurs. The current title, The Geology P.A.G.E., has garnered more attention then I think either of the previous titles did and I'm glad I switched over.

My purpose for making this blog was to illustrate some of my ideas in geological education as well as publish some of the little things I like to do for my students. I usually don't like to read long blog posts or articles. I figured since I feel that way other people do as well, so that is why I have a tendency to keep most of my posts on the shorter side. Something to get in, get your information, and get out.

But I have noticed that most of my more visited posts include some of the more applicable uses for my geology lessons (you can see the entire most visited list on the sidebar) including Using Jello and Rice-Crispy Treats in Earthquake Education and my Geological Movie Reviews. These posts usually take me more time and I don't do them as often. So even though I do like to do more of the shorter posts I plan on spending some more time and create some of the longer, more cited posts.

So after 5+ years and 500 posts I want to thank all my readers again for their loyalty and here's to hoping for new and better content and more follows.

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