Monday, October 22, 2012

Geology Through the Radio - Jimmy Buffett's Volcano

The next update to my Geology Through the Radio portion of my website it Jimmy Buffett's Volcano.


There are few “popular” songs that talk about geological events. One of those is Volcano by Jimmy Buffet which talks about a volcanic eruption. Here are some questions using the song lyrics to understand volcanoes and if what he is talking about is possible.

1. “Ground she’s movin under me” refers to what? (Specifically harmonic or tectonic in this instance)
2. What is the typical source of “tidal waves” and is the scenario so far conducive to tidal wave production?
3. Based on the clues in the song, what is the environment (and what are those environmental indicators)?
4. What kind of volcanoes would you expect in this type of environment?
5. Would you expect “sulphur smoke” and “soft and hot” lava from this type of volcano?
6. Would this type of volcano “blow”? Enough to launch people into space (metaphorically speaking)?
7. Why would you see your “skin aglow” at Three Mile Island?

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