Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dinos in Pop Culture - A "Real" Dinosaur Train

Last year my wife had purchased me tickets to the "Dinosaur Train" put on by the Heber Valley Railroad, here in Utah. It was a cute event where they had a variety of dinosaur related activities, and where you could talk to volunteers from the nearby museums. 

 One of the activities was digging in the sand for dinosaurs.

 It is hard to see but here is my daughter pulling out a Pachycephalosaurus.

 The train that was not in use with a giant inflatable dinosaur on the front. I want one.

 The actual train. It had a variety of dinosaur related decor inside.

 One of the main dinosaurs. Unfortunately he never actually went on the train with us, where there were other dinosaurs with us for the trip.

Pulling away as the sad dino wanders off by himself.

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