Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geology of the National Parks Through Pictures - Hohokam Pima

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This is a very bizarre "park" just south of Phoenix, AZ. When you try to find out any official information on the park, the park website either doesn't exist or it simply says "The area is not open to the public". When I asked at the nearby Casa Grande Ruins NM about this park they told me it wasn't a real park at all and never was formed into a park. However the park is on the NPS website, and on all maps and fliers that list all the parks officially published by the NPS. From what I can find out, this park is officially on a Native American Reservation and it is not open to the public. The park was an ancient ruin, similar to Casa Grande Ruins, however instead of fully excavating them and displaying them, they were buried again after excavation to preserve them. So, even if you could gain access to the "park" there wouldn't be anything to see anyway. 

Well, long story short, the official park property crosses over Interstate 10, and it was in the official part of the "park", where I stopped and grabbed a panoramic shot. 

Photo looking west over the rest of Hohokam Pima National Monument during sunset. 

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