Friday, November 16, 2018

Geology Through The Radio: Your Substrata Makes My Lava Flow

Although, likely played as a joke, here is Brad Paisley's country song named Geology from the never released album - Your Substrata Makes My Lava Flow.

I love the geology background that is given for Tennessee in the song. Here are the lyrics:

Way back in the distant past,
500 million years or greater.
Tennessee was a tectonic plate,
Under the ocean, near the equator.
And a few million years the plates began,
A steady northern migration.
Volcanoes blew, and the earth arose to,
Form the Appalachians.

The range of mountains began to form,
400 million years ago.
And sandstone formation came along,
on the Cumberland Plateau.
The Paleozoic and the Mesozoic,
built the hills just like a mesa.
In the Cenozoic era,
appeared the Nashville basin.

Beneath the limestone, sandstone, and shale,
The Earth moved as it must.
And form the Blue Ridge Mountains,
By sub-horizontal thrust.
Here on plutonic igneous rocks
On a Precambrian promontory.
That is where I first met you,
Which is a whole other story.

Geology, geology. 
That’s how God made Tennessee.
And Tennessee is where I found a girl,
Whose feet are on the ground.
Whose substrata make the lava flow,
And that is all you need to know.

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