Saturday, November 13, 2021

Dinos in Pop Culture - LEGO Dinosaurs

 When LEGO decided to release the Dinosaur Fossils set it became a "must have" for me. These are far from the only dinosaurs LEGO has ever produced as well but besides being specifically the skeletons of the dinosaurs (and Pteranodon, which is not a dinosaur) they are set up as if they were museum displays. This makes the paleontologist heart in me happy. 

The line of LEGOs comes from their LEGO Ideas sets, which are LEGO sets that had been submitted by  users as potential builds. These ideas/suggestions are then reworked by LEGO professional builders to make them work in a mass market possibilities. This set was originally designed by Jonathan Brunn, who is a French graphic designer and reworked by the LEGO Designer Niels Milan Pedersen. 

The set itself comes with the three main fossil skeletons, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops horridus, and Pteranodon longiceps. On top of that it comes with a little paleontologist, box of paleontological tools and books, as well as a "LEGO sapiens" model (i.e. the bones of a LEGO figure).  

The models are set up as skeletons in a 1:32 scale with the skeletons on a display pad complete with identification plaque. Most of each figure is adjustable as well, so that you can get the models in the pose that you really want. 

Even though they are obviously LEGO figures, the models themselves are actually quite awesome. They are not a 1-to-1 recreation of a real life skeleton, but they are as close to what would happen if a real life skeleton got put through a LEGOification machine. 

And I love the variety that you get. You have the two stalwarts of dinosaur popularity representing the carnivores (T. rex) and herbivores (Triceratops), and you also have the non-dinosaurian flying Pteranodon complete with a stand so you can place it in "flying mode". 

Your crate of goodies also comes with some bones, a magnifying glass, an egg, a cup, a rock hammer, a book about fossils, and some unidentifiable tools.  

Overall, this set earns an A+ from me.

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