Saturday, January 15, 2011

News of the Day

Pint-Sized, Running Dinosaur Gave Rise to Carnivores

Interesting new find that may one of the oldest carnivore. The most interesting part is how it closely resembles other early dinosaurs that are on different lineages.

Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed

Seems like scientists have reevaluated how the Earth shifts in its orbit causing changes in the Zodiac, but I have heard some disgruntled reactions to these. So we will see if they stick.

A thanks to Thomas Holtz for posting these on his Facebook page.

Red sky at night... Sicily looks on as Mount Etna erupts in spectacular fashion

Really awesome photos of the recent eruption of Mount Etna. Thanks to Matt, my brother-in-law for the heads up.

More than 500 dead in Brazil's worst flood disaster

A months worth of rain in a few hours can have some pretty tragic results. I wouldn't be suprised though if this had something to do with deforestation.

New Way to Calculate Age of Earth's Crust

Not much info in the article but it site's the Science article that it stems from.

34,000-Year-Old Organisms Found Buried Alive!

Interesting find.

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