Monday, January 03, 2011

Where am I Geologically? #1

So I wanted to try something new. I wanted to start a round robin contest entitled "Where am I Geologically?" where the winner hosts the contest on their blog following a winning answer. The contest will go like this: I will publish a picture taken from the ground and the winner needs to identify the location and the geologic significance. It is similar to the Where on Google Earth that is going around except this will be people's personal photos. They can be from anywhere on Earth but it should be identifiable. A complete list of rules is as follows:

Poster Rules:

1. Pictures must be from one's own collection and taken from the ground
2. Pictures need to be zoomed out enough of the landscape to be identifiable
3. More pictures showing the same locality are encouraged
4. Every 10th poster gets to set the theme for the next 10 posts, or continue on the same theme (i.e. Faults, folds, Depositional environments, Fossil localities, etc.)
5. If answers are taking too long (poster's discretion), then hints are encouraged

Participant Rules:
1. Previous winners must wait an hour before answering
2. The winner must identify the location described in the photos, not necessarily the point the photo was taken (accuracy determined by the poster) in the comments section of the post
3. You have to describe the geological significance of the picture
4. When you win you get to make the next post
5. Make sure you place a link to the next post in the comments of the post you won

For the first series of posts the theme is going to be:
Depositional Environments
Here is the first set of pictures. I'll start off with an easy one.

 Remember the first to identify the locality and the geological significance wins the chance to host this on their own site. And thanks to Ron Schott for some ideas developing this.


  1. Salt Lake, significance: Salt water inland water?

  2. That isn't a very geologically significant answer :-)

  3. Geomorphologically:

    1. Paleo mudflat may be active tectonic zone (geomorphic divide)

    2. may be Tidal activity - for tidal flat (mud flat) zone near shore region

  4. Sudhar, good guess but it isn't tectonically active (at least the lake isn't, the surrounding region is though) and the tidal activity is very minimal.


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