Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dinos in Pop Culture pics

I used to do the Dino Pic of the Week, which slowly went by the wayside. Well now I am going to change that over to Dinos in Pop Culture pics to post some pictures of dinos when I get the chance.

These are from my trip to the College of Eastern Utah's Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah. It shows the reconstruction of the famous Utahraptor, which was almost named the Spielbergasaurus (or something like that) since he is the one who envisioned it before it was even found (for Jurassic Park).

You can find all of the Dinos in Pop Culture pics over at my website.

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  1. That is the correct name of the dinosaur, but may I just contradict, that you forgot a piece of information... There were scientists in collaboration with Steven, and they all disagreed with his idea of making the raptors large... because they are normally smaller compared to a human being, but Spielberg envisioned them waaaaay larger. Anyways, a scientist defended his idea and said, "It's okay if the raptors are smaller or bigger, science will just help us find ones exactly the same later." That later lead to the finding of this dinosaur.


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