Monday, April 25, 2011

Evolution in Pop Culture

I have used the Futurama clip several times for an example that perfectly illustrates the missing link (including on my PhD exam). Well here is that clip (if it works) and a couple of others that illustrate evolution in Pop Culture.

This one is the one I mentioned from Futurama showing the human missing link.
futurama - evrim tartışması |

This one is from the Simpsons showing the evolution of Homer from bacteria to a "human".

This is from the Muppet Show on the episode I just watched where a Koozebanian is quickly evolving into Kermit.


  1. I was just browsing for that Futurama missing link bit. Thank you for posting it; it is brilliant!

  2. Thanks, it took quite a while to find that clip for some reason but it is just perfect.


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