Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Announcing the GSA Blog

So something that I have been working to get set up along with the rest of the eGSA committee is the new GSA Blog entitled "Speaking of Geoscience" is now up and live. Currently the plans are to have 1 blog post a month by a guest blogger on a variety of topics ranging from field work, to paleontology, to the any other issues that are current hot topics in geology. Please support your GSA and head on over to the new blog with its first blog post by one of the eGSA committee members Jeff De Graff:

Speaking of Geoscience will add another voice to the geoblogosphere. Its contents will be updated with a new post on a more or less monthly basis. Those individuals posting on this blog will be people like me who do not regularly blog. So this voice will represent some of the geological community who are not normally heard. The expectation of the eGSA Committee is for Speaking of Geoscience to be another voice informing and sharing knowledge of what geology is and what geologists do. Like all blogs, we trust it will attract and form a community who seek to hear what Speaking of Geoscience has to say.

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