Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some things I learned as a PhD Candidate - 2nd Semester + Summer

Following up on my previous post after the first semester, here are some of the thing I learned as a PhD candidate, second semester (including my first summer)

1. Grant proposals suck
2. They suck even more when you don't get any
3. When you tell people you are taking "Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory" you get a variety of interesting response
4. Dodgeball is an awesome diversion, but makes it makes me feel older than I should
5. Dodgeball has also emphasized my decreased athletic abilities (i.e. the fact I throw like a girl)
6. Just because you assume previous work must have been done doesn't mean you can find it (or even that it has been done)
7. Teaching a course for the first time takes a ton of freaking work (like 8 hours to every 1 hour of lecture)
8. Students can often be ungrateful for the amount of work you put in
9. Infants pay better attention in lectures than undergraduates
10. People get edgy towards the end of their thesis/dissertation
11. Babies make things complicated

TV Shows of Choice for the Semester 
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

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