Friday, August 27, 2010

GeoJeopardy! Fridays

Time fors GeoJeopardy! Fridays, because who can't use a little trivia when your not doing work.

- Geology -

500-million-year-old fish are the first known fossils of this backboned group of animals


Its tooth, mentioned in "Mack the Knife", is Georgia's state fossil & can date back 375 million years


The Sandhill type of this can fly; Diatryma, the predatory 7-foot "terror" type, couldn't


Trilobites were among the first creatures to have these; they were compound crystals that survive as fossils

- -Ologies -
(Since one of the above category was a picture clue that I did not have access to the picture, below is a fill in question.)
From the Greek meaning "study of ancient existence", it's the study of prehistoric plants & animals from fossil remains


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